• How long does it take to get an offer?

John will make you an offer on the spot in most cases since he knows your time is valuable. Because of his experience, he can foresee troubles that might delay closings and handle them before they ever become a problem.

  • How soon do I get the cash?

Title companies usually need about ten days. The process is ready when they are!

  • How much can I expect to get?

John will share market information and anticipated costs with you and show you how these affect the amount. There are no “tricks” about the offer. You will see how he arrived at the price and where the investment for resale makes financial sense for an investor. Because John is a serious buyer, he will offer the best price he can upfront.

  • When do we have to move?

Some sellers choose to move at or before the time of closing. John is interested in accommodating the seller’s needs and can be flexible. If you sell your property to John, he’ll make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Do we have to clean out or repair the house?

John is buying the house “as is,” which means no repairs, treatments, or replacements are needed. Unwanted items can be left. Once you make a deal with John, there’s nothing more to think about!

  • What if I don’t want to sell my house this way?

John offers you professional information for free without obligation! This allows you to make an informed decision. You may decide to do the repairs yourself and sell the property to someone else. John never forgets that this is your property and your decision. He won’t try to pressure you.

If you sell to John, you are dealing directly with the person who is buying your property. His offer does not require bank or partner approval. It is usually all done in one trip! John knows this is important to you and values your time.

  • What if back taxes are due or my mortgage isn’t current?

In preparing the title work, the title company will identify any items against the property that are due and arrange to make the payments out of the proceeds. The seller does not have to get this information.

  • Can John change his mind about buying my house?

John is obligated to purchase your house on the terms you agreed. He takes his commitment to you seriously.

A smooth real estate transaction does not “just happen.” It is not an accident; it results from experience! It depends on the experience of the person with whom you are dealing, and their interest in making the deal go smoothly for you.

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